2010 was a good year for No Comment– the blog gained unexpected recognition from Channel 4 News in the form of a high commendation in their Best Young Blogger of the year competition, and, as a result, also gained a deluge of new and inquisitive readers.

Last year there’s been somewhat heated debates sparked in the comments section (which is always the main goal of a post), as well as links to popular posts on this blog from popular websites such as The F Word, The Guardian, and renowned political blogger Iain Dale.

This is essentially a nothing post, but I wanted to write something to commerate the past year. I give you- this blog’s top 10 posts of 2010!

Thank you all for reading, and happy new year 🙂

10. Hands up if you feel betrayed!

Written in June, little did I know that this blog post foresaw a mass movement of students later in the year, unified in outrage at blatant political betrayal.

9.  Many happy returns, Hef

Thoughts on general opinion of Playboy lothario Hugh Hefner’s latest engagement.

8.  Take one for the team?

It was an overlooked event on BBC’s The Apprentice, involving eventual winner Stella English, that inspired this post.

7. Do lads’ mags belong in student unions?

Written as part of a debate for Pluto Online,  this post puts forward the case for the removal of lads’ mags from university student unions.

6.  Don’t lose your head in all the protest hype!

One of many blog posts on the subject of the ongoing student protests. However, on  reflection, I’ve changed my mind on occupations and walk outs- if a university’s vice chacellor or management are supporting cuts and higher fees, students are left with little choice.

5.  The English Defence League in Preston- a personal account

The dreaded English Defence League decided to make their presence known in Preston on November 27th. Plenty of us counter protested- this post was the write up.

4.  What exactly happened at Demo 2010?

The second post concerning the student protests, written in response to the vilifying nature of the mainstream press coverage.

3.  A quick dissection of the English Defence League

The English Defence League annoy me immensely. This post analyses their arguments and reveals why they’re nonsensical.

2. The problem with pro-feminist men

Why is it men get infinitely more kudos for positively commenting on feminist issues than women ever do?

1.  Please stop trivialising rape!

In at number one- a post that was originated as a rant about the treatment of the accusers in the Assange case from media and public alike. Popularised via twitter, I was pretty glad that so many people agreed!