It’s not often a perfect coincidence falls into your lap, but after coming across the excellent privilege denying dude meme, I later learned that equalities minister Theresa May – and I use the term ‘equalities’ loosely is choosing to do away with the legal requirement that requires public bodies to reduce inequality.

Instead of focusing on equality something that can be measured by law, the coalition government will focus on ‘fairness’, that abstract notion that means different things to different people. I used to think that the word ‘fair’ involved an amount of integrity, but thanks to Cameron & co, the word is fast becoming empty, meaningless, rattling rhetoric.

Earlier today, May said:

“I recognise that ‘fairness’ is a word that many will feel is perhaps not as specific as ‘equality’. But one of the problems is that equality has come to be seen by a lot of people as something that is available to others, and not to them…Using fairness as a word alongside equality will mean that the majority of the British people will start to see this is something that is about everybody, not something that is just available to specific groups of people.”

Equality its political correctness gone mad! Looks like May is pandering to the privilege denying dudes of this world.