Last May, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I noticed an uptick in book sales. At the time, I made a donation to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organisation paying bail funds for those who might be arrested protesting the murder. I also committed to making another donation once I received my royalty payment for that time period.

MFF received over 30 million dollars from supporters during the black lives matter protests. Although I continue to support their vital work, the phenomenal amount of donations they received has allowed me to place my second donation elsewhere.

I’m happy to announce I’ve made a donation of £15,000 in total to both the feminist organisation Level Up and the migrant rights charity We Belong. Level Up campaign against gendered injustice, and embody the kind of feminist action I think the world needs more of. We Belong is an inspiring charity, led by young people who have had their access to education blocked by British government’s hostile environment immigration policies.

In a just world, we wouldn’t need philanthropy. But for now, while I have the means, I feel compelled to put back into the movement.

R x