Riots and retribution

It’s been a painful week, both politically and personally. The riots and looting that spread accross England started in my home place of Tottenham. Watching Haringey burn was stomach churning, and the consequential authoritarian style political backlash towards those who participated in rioting has been populist in the extreme. The riots were such a big issue that I don’t really need to add any more words to the ocean that have poured out in all kinds of media over the past week and a half. Instead, I’ll be linking to a couple of BBC interviews I did in the midst of it all.  There’s been talk of a long overdue national conversation that frankly needs to happen if English society is to heal. Tottenham’s deprivation was allowed to continue under successive governments.  Things need to change. And we must never stop pushing for answers about Mark Duggan. 


BBC Radio London

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BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey

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