Want to interview me/hold an event about my book?

Please contact my UK/US & Canada/Australia and NZ book publicists, details of which can be found on my contact page.

Interested in me writing for your publication?

Before you get in touch, please think about the fee you’re able to offer, and exactly what you’re interested in me writing about. Please be as specific as possible. If you’re unable to offer a fee, I’m afraid I can’t help, as I make a living from writing.

Interested in me speaking at your event?

Before you get in touch, please think about the fee you’re able to offer, the structure of the event, if you can cover travel costs, and exactly what you want me to do at your event. I am a writer, not a lecturer or teacher, so please do not ask me to deliver a lecture to your chosen crowd (that includes TEDx events. I enjoy watching them but really don’t want to do one, so please don’t ask!). Please be as specific as possible in your contact.

Considering sending me a press release?

I’m always interested in UK specific race relations news.  Please don’t add my email address to your mailing lists without my consent.

Interested in me contributing to your dissertation/research/academic project?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to help with these kinds of requests. There will usually be an under-celebrated person in your local area who is working on similar issues — contact them instead and spread the love.

Want to ‘pick my brains’ for whatever you’re working on?

I can’t help you do your job in this way, so please don’t ask. If you want to talk about paid consultancy, please use my contact page below.


If your question isn’t answered here, please head to my contact page.


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  1. David Almog says:

    I can’t wait for your book to become available. Your insights are so helpful for teaching in my community, whether formally, informally, or just sharing interpersonally.

    I want to ask questions, but, I won’t. To put identity into it, I am a white, American Jewish male sometimes Rabbi (sometimes atheist). I know that I have made mistakes, misunderstanding my own whiteness and judging persons of color as if they had my experiences. Hopefully, my children will live in a world where they can talk about race and learn about it together, without power and privilege undermining them.

    Thanks again.


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